Top 10 Forgotten People in History For Bogus Reasons

Top 10 Forgotten  People in History For Bogus Reasons

Top 10 Forgotten  People in History For Bogus Reasons

1-Larry Doby

Larry Doby was a baseball player. Larry Doby's color was black who had to face too many troubles while joining major league baseball in the late forties. Racial taunts, injustice, and death threats had to be faced by Doby during that time.

2-David Kopay

David Marquette Kopay is a former American football player. He had to deal with a whole lot of troubles in his professional as well as college tames just because he was gay. Kopay became the board member of the Gay and Lesbian Athletics Foundation, and also became the Ambassador of the Federation of Gay Games.

3-Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova is the first woman in space. Since she was a Russian, an American book on history gave little importance to her achievement and considered Sally Ride as the first woman in space. Her motherland, on the other hand, gave her the right respect she deserved. She is still honored even to this day, in post-Soviet Russia.

4-Philo Farnsworth

Phil Farnsworth was the inventor of the first fully functional all-electronic image pickup device, or rather clearly speaking, the inventor of the television. The reason why he was forgotten was that he hated to come into the limelight.

5-Claudette Colvin

As a pioneer of the African Civil rights movement Claudette Colvin gained recognition. In the year 1955, she was arrested for stopping bus segregation in Montgomery in Alabama. The reason why the black leaders of Montgomery did not give much importance to Colvin’s efforts was that she was a teenage unmarried mother. Giving her the right recognition could make a bad impression on the efforts of the leaders.

6-Elisha Gray

Elisha Gray’s work on his invention was not given his name just because he was not given the patent for his work, and Alexander Graham Bell received the patent. Gray’s invention was nothing else than a prototype of the telephone. Gray invented the telephone in the year 1876. But no one remembers his name as its inventor.

7-Henry Woodward and Mathew Evans

Henry Woodward and Mathew Evans invented the light bulb. But it is a fact that most of us remember Thomas Edison as the inventor of the light bulb. The two developed the incandescent light bulb five years before Edison got its patent. They sold the patent to Edison for money.

8-Ely S. Parker

Ely S. Parker served as an adjunct to General Ullysys. He was the one who wrote the final draft of the surrender terms of the confederate. He was appointed to the commissioner of Indian affairs that was the first time post that was held by an American Native. He died in the year 1895 of poverty.

9-Jacob Davis

Placing metal rivets on jeans for increasing the durability of the cloth, was the idea of a Nevada tailor by the name of Jacob Davis. Since he did not have money for the patent, he asked for financial aid from his employer. Levi Strauss, who is interested in this innovative thought, took the patent. Davis was not able to prove his invention to the world and was cut out of the pages of history.

10-Reverend Burrel Cannon

One year before the Wright brothers became famous for their invention of airplanes, Reverend Burrel Cannon took his first attempt to fly with the help of an eighty-horsepower engine. Since there were only four people to witness this event, and no photographs were taken, he did not have relevant proof. To perform this task the second time, he made attempts at the world’s Fair. But the aircraft was blown off and was destroyed completely. The third attempt also failed. Thus his invention was not given much recognition.

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