Top 10 Thanksgiving Festivals Round The Globe

Top 10 Thanksgiving Festivals Round The Globe

Top 10 Thanksgiving Festivals Round The Globe

1- Family Praying Before Dinner ca. 2001

Mehregan is the Autumn Festival of Iran. It is a Persian style of Thanksgiving. The beginning of this festival can be traced back to the 4th century BC during the time before the people of Persia became Muslims. The festival got its name from Mehr, the Zoroastrian God of love and Friendship. The style of the festival has changed a lot over the coming of Islam. Even now, this harvest festival is celebrated in almost every modern Persian family. This thanks-giving festival is a family reunion all through the country. Prayers are conducted in front of large mirrors and food is decorated in the dinner table with silver plates of old fashion. Flowers, wild marjoram, incense, and silver coins too are decorated along with the food.

2- Chuseok – Korea

Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving is held on the 15 days of the 8th lunar month in the lunar calendar. It is a major holiday in the country. It is a means of uniting family members together. Usually, Koreans gather in their ancestral homes to give thanks. Food during the time is traditional and you can even find rice cakes served with the other delicacies of the Koreans. A traditional folk game like Ganggangsullae is also played during that time.

3- Tsiknopempti – Greece

The Greeks celebrate Tsiknopempti for thanking God for the bounties. This is celebrated on a Thursday, and Tsiknopempti means “Barbeque Thursday”. Barbeque varieties, as well as steaks, can be found in the thanksgiving dinner tables of the Greeks.

4- Dia de Acao de Gracas – Brazil

Thanksgiving in Brazil was established in the year 1940 by the president of Brazil Gapar Dutra, after hearing about the Thanksgiving festival in the US. Though the Brazilian thanksgiving is identical to that of the American Thanksgiving, Brazilians have added a lot to this day by blending their culture and tradition to it.

5- Liberian Thanksgiving – Liberia

Liberian Thanksgiving too had its influence from American Thanksgiving. Liberia was made an official state in the year 1822. The thanksgiving is meant to thank God and to Americans for freeing the slaves, and thus giving them Liberia in the continent of Africa for living as free people. Hot and spicy Liberian food can be found on the tables of every house this Thursday.

6- Crop over – Barbados

This is a summer festival and is the biggest harvest holiday festival in Barbados. This festival actually found its beginning in the 1870s, when the people of Barbados decided to thank God for the bountiful sugar cane harvests. The country celebrates thanksgiving by eating with the family, going to carnivals, and lots more.

7- Homowo Festival- Ghana

Homowo Festival is a major holiday in Modern Ghana. The people of Ga are the ones who celebrate this festival. Traditional delicacies like Palm nut soup with fish are the specialty of the Homowo Thanksgiving dinners.

8- Erntedankfest- Germany

German Thanksgiving festival Erntedankfest is a religious holiday, and not an occasion for family reunions like most other holidays in Germany. The word Erntedankfest means Harvest festival and is celebrated during late September or early October. Volunteer work for the poor, mass attending which is followed by dance, music, and food outside the church are the specialties of this feast.

9- The Moon festival – China

Moon Festival is known as the Mid Autumn Festival and is a Chinese thanksgiving festival. The festival is one of the traditional celebrations in China. The festival is dedicated to the Goddess of Moon. The festival is a great celebration for unmarried people of China

10- Thanksgiving – United States

Thanksgiving in the United States comes on the fourth Thursday in the month of November. Thanksgiving is an official holiday in the country and it became an official Federal holiday, in the year 1863. This can be considered as a religious observance for giving thanks to God for all the gifts he has given. In the US, Thanksgiving is celebrated with the family, and baked or roasted turkey with stuffing is served. The poor are provided with food during the time and this is the season that marks the beginning of Christmas sales in the country.

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